CESA Job Board

The CESA JobBoard lists opportunities for internships, contract positions, part-time and full-time positions. Application details for each position are included within the posting.

CESA Members may submit their job postings free as a member benefit for 30 days, $50 for 60 days or $100 for 90 days. A featured listing for members is $150 and moves the listing to the top of the page.

CESA Non-Members may submit their job postings for a nominal charge of $50 for 30 days, $100 for 60 days or $150 for 90 days. A featured listing for non-members is $200 and moves the listing to the top of the page.

Click here to visit our Job Board


How to Post a Job

To get started, click Post A Job at the top of the job board page.

Log In
If you are not an CESA member (or you do not have an existing profile with CESA), click continue as guest. If you are a member or returning employer enter your email and click next.

1. Posting Your Job
In the Job Post Details area, you'll fill in the details for your job posting. As you begin to enter your Employer information and address, the job board will help by auto-filling that information to make the job posting process easier. Note: the auto-fill pulls from Google. If you would like to overwrite the auto-filled info with your own address, just continue to type in the address you would like for your job posting.
Once you've filled in the details of your job posting, click Preview on the right to see a preview of how your job will display once it is posted.

2. Post Duration
In the Post Duration area, you'll select the period of time your post should display on the job board. NOTE: The job will be dropped from the board automatically after that 30, 60, or 90 days has passed.
Featured Listings will be prioritized at the top of the job board highlighted in yellow.

3. Payment
To complete your job posting, fill out your payment and credit card information. Once your payment is submitted, you'll receive a confirmation email and your job posting will go live on the job board immediately. NOTE: if you aren't getting the membership pricing for which you are eligible, you are likely not logged in to the Job Board with your CESA user account. To connect your account, go to Manage > Settings in the My Profile settings. You'll see a message to Connect your account to the association of which you're a member. Click Connect, log in with your CESA username/password, and you should see the pricing update based on your membership status.

Please contact the CESA Office if you have any issues: 805-520-5854 or state@cesa.net